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Becca and I were the only ones to show at the meeting in October, so the meeting was understandably short. Since the topic was historical fiction, Becca brought a number of the American Girl books, her favorites from her own childhood. In retrospect they seem a little preachy, particularly the small books, but little girls still like them, and they're good introductions to the personal side of the American revolution.
I read three: My Daniel, about the dinosaur rush in the Dakotas during the early 20th century; Jump Ship to Freedom, about a slave boy's journey to free himself and his mother, a great exposition on the slavery debate in the constitution; and So Far From the Bamboo Grove, an autobiography from a Japanese woman who fled Korea as a girl when WWII made the county no longer safe - for a mature audience, there being some pretty awful realities of war depicted.

As a reminder, the next meeting is Tuesday, November 27 at 7pm at Borders. Topic: books that have been made into movies, of course with extra credit for those that also see the movies. Hopefully more people will show up this time!
Willow Run looks like a good find. We actually had Patricia Reilly Giff as one of our authors last year, IIRC.

We usually try to figure out a night that fits everyone's schedules the best, which seems to be Tuesday this semester. If you're interested in coming down, I can give you Becca's email and she can take you into account, or I can relay a message. Most of us are in Bloomington, so we tend to stay in town... online input is very welcome, though! An IUPUI auxiliary would be sweet.

I'll definitely post a list from the next meeting - should be interesting!